Our Crest is based upon the original Bishop Bewick Coat of Arms.  At the top of our crest is the Bishop’s Mitre a reminder of our namesake Bishop Bewick, one of the first four Bishops in our region.


Above the shield rests St Cuthbert’s cross, a symbol of our Diocesan Saint. He spent much time among the people, ministering to their spiritual needs, carrying out missionary work, devoted to this region as we are committed to our children and their families.


On the shield we have three bears, each bear representing one of our regions.  Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland.  Traditionally, bears represent strength, protection, wisdom and  courage which reflect our Trust’s key mission, that we are stronger when we work together.  We will support all our schools, recognising that we all have times of need.  We will harness our collective wisdom for the benefit of all.  We will approach our transformative work with courage together.