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At the heart of our Trust is the belief that a great education transforms lives...

Education is the one thing that can provide all children with the opportunity to lift them to a better future and fulfil their unique purpose in life.  A truly great education enables children to succeed, regardless of background or personal circumstances. It is at the core of why Catholic schools were established.  It is the great leveller.

When we talk of education, it is of the whole child, to ensure the formation of the whole person, including spirituality.  Our schools will therefore strive to enable all children to develop their unique talents and interests, to broaden their horizons and raise their aspirations.  We want our children to realise their human dignity and develop into compassionate, confident, courageous people, ready to improve the world around them.

At Bishop Bewick CET, we want to ensure that all the children in our schools experience the best education possible, and so we are committed as a community of schools to come together and harness the very best of ourselves, to embed this fully and to support each other so that all schools thrive and learn. 

Although we work as one Trust, all of our schools maintain their individuality, uniqueness and a great deal of autonomy.  We encourage our leaders and staff to be creative and innovate to ensure we provide the best practice available.  As we grow to include all 39 schools within our region, we recognise that each new school joining us will bring with them skills, strengths and talents that can further enhance the work we do.

We intend to be ‘greater than the sum of our parts.’


Anita Bath

Chief Executive